About SBC

On the first Sunday of June 1904, a Christian Group consisting of Lloyd Gray, Philip Frauntleroy, and Harvey Johnson started a prayer meeting in the home of John Smith with Rev. C.R. Overby as overseer and guide. They were incorporated as the Second Baptist Church in 1911. On July 20, 1911 and in 1918 purchased the Literary (Bushwack School) for $800.00 from Norman Layman, this building dated back to 1890.

Our First Church
The first pastor was a Rev. Coleman, Rev. W.W. Smith followed him and under his leadership, five Deacons were ordained. Charles Holmes, Harry Harris, John Smith, Moses Braxton, and Harvey Johnson served as the first deacons. Two of the women were remembered during these early days, Martha Fruntleroy and Mildred Brokenbaugh, whose descendants are active today. Rev. R.D. Smith and Rev. E.L. Satchell served with distinction and received recognition on national and state levels. Rev. Satchell served on the Hampton University Ministers Conference as board directors and Rev. R.D. Smith later became Moderator of Bethany Baptist Association of South Jersey in April 1940.

In the mist of a raging flood, Rev. King David Tunstall officially became pastor after being ordained by the Bethany Baptist Association, Rev. Tunstall, a man of great stature and strong faith lead this church to great heights far beyond the church expectation. He proved those things that seemed impossible to man were possible with God. The church began to take a new look during his tenure. The building was enlarged to include choir rooms, inside restrooms, baptism pool and a pastor’s study. In addition, a dining room and kitchen were added along with other improvements. The congregation continued to grow and Rev. Tunstall served God with a pure conscience until his passing in 1972. He served as President of Ebenezer Baptist Missionary Union during the states. He was succeeded by Rev. Ronald Johnson until 1976.

The church was led by the spirit to let their request be known for a pastor after God’s own heart and was led to call the Rev. Edward W. Dorn as pastor on the second Sunday in August 1977. He has served this congregation well and under his pastorship, a new edifice was built and the first Sunday in May 1985 they entered their present church. This church grew spiritually, financially and numerically and is recognized nationally as a leading church. The church has as its focus a bible based, Christ-centered Ministry with Love of God and each other as its mission. Rev. Dorn has served both naturally and locally in many capacities and presently on the executive board of the Foreign Mission Board of USA Inc. He is a Past Moderator of Bethany Baptist Association, Past President of Ebenezer Baptist Missionary Union, Past President of the Ministers Conference of Woodbury and Vicinity. He was also elected Corresponding Secretary and Song Leader for the Moderators Department of the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc. Under his direction and the perseverance of the church administrator Trustee Harvey Saunders, a New Faith-Based Corporation was formed and called the Calvary Community Development Corporation which has already received local, state and national recognition and is partial in developing the Whispering Waters Housing Complex as well as many other Faith-Based ventures. Rev. Dorn presently serves as a Commissioner appointed to the Delaware River and Bay Authority since April 2003. In September 12, 2007, the congregation marched into the new 17,000 square foot E.W Dorn Community Center where many social and spiritual programs are offered. His many awards and citations are too numerous to mention, but he has retained his humility as a servant of God.

To God Be The Glory.”

Sunday School Every Sunday Morning @ 9:30am (All Ages)

Bible Study Every Wednesday Night @ 6:00pm on our Direct Dial Call Number immediately followed by Prayer Meeting @ 7:00pm.

Second Baptist Church
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